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The Perfect Galentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

The Perfect Galentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

It’s time for the ladies, those single or in a relationship, to celebrate their gals! Let’s show our appreciation of one another with a fun and empowering day. We can all agree that a girls night out is one of the things we always look forward to. Luckily, Galentine’s day gives us the excuse to get the girls together. You don’t have to make it a late night in the city. If you aren’t working on February 13th you can make daytime plans. Galentine’s day is a date reserved to nurture our friendships. Don’t already have an annual girls reunion? Then here are some fabulous traditions to start.

Mark the Calendar

You can make the date extra special by sending out cute store bought or handmade invitations. If you’re on a budget simply send an electronic invitation. You can still make it official by customizing a free digital card on When hosting Galentine’s at your house encourage the girls to bring their favorite board games and card games they have at their homes. This way you have a diverse selection of bonding games. And you didn’t even have to buy any at Target (Just saved you from that trap again, you’re welcome!).

All Out Decor

Decorating your place for the big event can be made simple. Find an empty wall in your home to place a DIY photo booth. Hang a light pink and gold foil fringe backdrop, and voila! You got yourself a selfie station. But you don’t need to stop there. Blow up a mix of white, pink, and champagne balloons to float all over. If you want a truly glamorous set up, display one of our rose gold serving carts or coffee tables:

Delaney Rose Gold Swivel Table Wine Rack Serving Cart

Delaney Rose Gold Swivel Table Wine Rack Serving Cart


Torri Contemporary Tinted Glass Rose Gold Mobile Serving Cart

Adana Contemporary Tinted Glass 2-Tier Rose Gold Serving Cart

Adana Contemporary Tinted Glass 2-Tier Rose Gold Serving Cart

Curtsinger Glam Rose Gold Coffee Table

Curtsinger Glam Rose Gold Coffee Table

Carrah Contemporary 2-Tier Round Accent Table

Stella Modern Round Table Top Accent Table

Sweets and Treats

Arrange an array of sweet and salty snacks on any of these serving surfaces. Stick with red, pink, and purple colors. Present the classic white chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate candies. But don’t be afraid to get creative and go all out. You can unveil these colors with cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and even a blueberry crumb bar! Make purple drizzled popcorn and marshmallow rice treats. Berry flavored gummies and candy can sit next to spicy red chips. You also have Vanilla and strawberry wafers or pocky sticks. Go all out!

Bubbly Bar

For the sophisticated ladies, set up a Bubbly Bar. Who says mimosa’s are only for brunch? Give your girls an all access pass to midnight mimosas. Make it colorful with Cranapple, Pineapple, Peach, and Orange juice. Keep it lively with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries as flute glass garnishings. Speaking of, there’s a brilliant surprise to go along with this. Dazzle your gals with personalized flute glasses. Order the champagne glasses online (i.e. Etsy). The individualized glasses with the names, or nicknames, of your besties will ensure no one mixes up their drinks. This is ideal for those who can’t make brunch earlier in the day. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a brunch, by all means reserve a table at a restaurant and enjoy the sunshine, darlings.

Self-care Spa

It’s important to brighten your day with relaxation. We highly suggested that your next girl’s trip be at a resort if you haven’t already gone. Or you can pamper yourselves at home; create a face mask and movie night. Detox all that negative energy as you clear out those clogged pores with an exfoliation and clay mask. Then, let a moisturizing sheet mask cool you off while you lounge and watch a movie with your girls.

Music and Art Sesh

Another way to spend the night is with karaoke or a paint sesh. The artistic souls always love an excuse to pour out their creative talent. The best thing about karaoke or paint sessions is that anyone can participate. You don’t need to be a singer or a painter. Every human has the ability to tap into their imagination. In fact it's salubrious to express yourself through art, especially alongside your lifetime therapists.

Snow Retreat

As we are still in winter, you may come to find the snow capped mountains where you live have not melted away yet. If this is the case, plan a skiing or snowboarding trip with the gals. This is a healthy way to spend time with your active girl friends. Not all Galentine’s have to be intimate, they can be adventurous too.


Don’t think we forgot about the busy females hustling around the world. The long distance besties deserve a celebration of their own. Take time on Galentine’s to call or video chat with your girl killing it in another state or country. It’s so essential that we remind our female friends how much they are valued, woman to woman. 

Happy Galentine’s Day, Loves!     

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