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Interior Design Trends Taking Flight: Winter 2020

Interior Design Trends Taking Flight: Winter 2020

This year begins the end of the impulse buys. No more spontaneous spending. We are moving into the purchase with a purpose world. What does that mean for the interior designer in you? Well, let’s just say spring cleaning might start early this year. Don’t wait for the detox! You made a resolution to refresh this decade. A month has gone by and we both know there’s still so much you want to do with your living space. To help you, here are the interior design trends taking flight this winter. 

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Above everything, quality is the biggest motivation when purchasing furniture. You want your living room, dining room, and bedroom fitted with durable pieces the same way you want your clothing to last after hundreds of washes. Taking into consideration the sturdiness and wear-resistance of a framework’s materials is sensible. Though the price for high end furniture doesn’t compare to short-lived furniture, it’s ultimately a wise long-term investment. You are not only receiving a bed, drawer, or chest, you are getting the opportunity to pass down a bedroom set to further generations. Now, this type of wealth isn’t about abundance, it is about quality. There’s an appeal to antiquated  pieces because they carry meaningful value. You also won’t find yourself constantly throwing out worn tables and chairs. That’s not only cutting into your finances, it’s also contributing to the unnecessary waste in dumpsites.

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As we begin to become more conscious, there seems to be a shift into eco-friendly furniture. Some wood frameworks come from sustainable plantations. Harvesting this local timber reduces deforestation, protecting endangered trees. Manufacturing processes with low chemical levels also offer environmentally safe and waste-free products, such as bonded leather recliners.

With the appreciation of the ecosystem, homes are welcoming the environment indoors. There are many ways to accomplish the natural look. To start at the base, let’s simply explore colors. Keep in mind colors apply to more than just the walls and furniture; we are talking about decor accents and doors as well! Think earthy. Warm reds, ochur (or burnt orange), nutmeg brown, caramel, cinnamon, hunter green, and deep blues. These all evoke nature and its ability to create a tranquil habitat.

When you’re looking for these colors in your decor, remember that wood is rich. Warm walnut, mahogany, and dark oak are cozy furniture pieces. If you’re seeking a cleaner look that isn’t quite as blanched as the Scandanavian Style (which, BTW, is out), play with the honey-toned maple and natural oak. Two-toned wood furnishings are a great way to achieve the New Nordic Style. The dominant dark wood is balanced by the lighter accent wood so as to not overpower a room with gothic gloom. Other natural materials to incorporate in accent chairs, baskets, and rugs include rattan, wicker, cane, raffia, and grasscloth. This countryside-chic-leaning trend combines antiques with new decor. So you can keep the rustic wood and incorporate other materials such as metals: industrial steel, silver, and gold finished.

You can still have your white marble and white upholstery, but accent the base color with primary colors in muted tones. That can be as simple as inviting nature in, as we discussed earlier. Botanicals are key to tying in the nature theme. They bring life to a setting, not just through color but through its shape. These curves are replacing sharp angles. Soft corners, round legs, and curved backs reunite us to the calm feeling that nature stimulates.

Ultimately people want to be comfortable in their homes. For this reason, we will see more intimate settings and social spaces within houses. Home bars, garden rooms, and coffee stations are already growing in popularity. What will you do with your space?

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