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Home Office Ideas for an Ergonomic Setting

Home Office Ideas for an Ergonomic Setting

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made telework a privilege accessible to more U.S. workers. Around 23.7% of Americans now work from home, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Though employers benefit from the reduction in overhead expenses and employees gain flexibility, the impact on productivity is a concern. Dr. Timothy Golden, an industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologist, stressed that employees need the physical and psychological division between work-family domains. These two boundaries are naturally created in a traditional office setting. But, as teleworkers operate from a home, the distinction becomes clouded. Personal obligations can easily overflow into work hours and more often, professional obligations extend beyond the typical workday. This disconnect tests the remote worker's autonomy. To combat this, employers are responsible for creating an organization with strategic project management, while employees are accountable for staying professionally engaged. The best way to do this is to place oneself in a healthy and comfortable work environment. To manifest productivity you must first promote focus and lucidity. Designing the right home office space is crucial here. A balance between ergonomics and aesthetics will produce a stable work environment for optimal performance. 

Before engaging with the psychological benefits of aesthetics, let's begin with the importance of ergonomics. Poorly designed computer work stations lead to long-term health problems; back, neck, shoulder, and nerve pains, as well as headaches. A proper work set up will eliminate discomfort, leading to positive work results. The Clancene Contemporary White Office Chair is an excellent example of the type of chair you want to look for. A base with five caster wheels ensures stability while offering easy mobility. When adjusting the height of your seat aim for a 90-degree angle at the knees, which should also be level with your hips. This initiates the hamstrings to hold parallel to the ground which applies an even distribution of weight, with just the right amount of pressure between the knee and pelvic joints to avoid a reduction in blood circulation. This swivel office chair has a built-in lumbar support that customizes to your body for personalized posture adjustment. The backrest also reclines to a fixed angle, so you can shift between the classic 90-degree posture and the reclined posture. Tilting the backrest between 110-120-degrees significantly reduces spinal disk pressure. To top it off, this office chair offers an adjustable headrest!

Elona High Gloss Convertible Office Desk

Match this modern office chair with the sleek white Elona High Gloss Convertible Office desk. A chic glass top on chrome bar supports is a clean look that sets up your office for a pure and clutter-free space. Its simple layout is ideal for the minimalist designed office. S-shaped shelving stylishly displays books at your side for convenient access when you need to reference back to something. Implement the Bolyne 2 Tone Open Back Black & White Display Case either directly behind the desk or across the room to ground aesthetic allure. The elevated black frame showcases more books and inspirational decore items among the alternating angled white dual-panel divides. To spark your drive display souvenirs from places you've already traveled to as well as pictures of family and friends. These act as reminders of where you get your strength and motivation of how far you've come. With the Stefano Modern And Contemporary Marble Console Table you'll have even more space to promote uplifting decor. Though the neutral color scheme of white, black, and silver dominate the room, you want to allow a touch of nature to balance the aura. An indoor table water-fountain relaxes on the faux marble effortlessly. The stone-like surface fuses well with a rock water fountain. This water feature improves air quality by releasing negative ions which significantly reduces particulate matter in the air. So you can breathe easy with an atmosphere clean and free of dust particles.

Waring Mid-century Modern Black Futon

Inviting nature into the office makes a warm and welcoming environment. Partner this with a space to invite colleagues and clients to sit for a chat. Though you may not have your office open to visitors just yet, creating a seating area now will give your office a completely professional look. Not to mention it opens more opportunities to incorporate natural features. The Waring Mid-century Modern Black Futon flanked by two Megren Modern Distressed Grey Accent Chairs forms the perfect seating arrangement around the Rosaline Contemporary Chrome Coffee Table. Center a Pothos plant, peace Lily, or Chrysanthemums on the glass top to not only produce a visual stimulus for guests but to boost your productivity. There are scientific benefits to using plants as decor in your office. They naturally purify the air quality in enclosed environments. With building materials off-gassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and our natural production of carbon dioxide (CO2) we deprive ourselves of oxygen when working indoors which impairs our cognitive abilities. Eliminating toxins while generating the proper ventilation of oxygen (O2) will reenergize the body for peak performance.

Rosaline Contemporary Chrome Coffee Table

A wonderful fusion of ergonomics and aesthetics creates the ideal home office. A selective design will garner positive results in your work. Physical comfort must be addressed even in an office. From blood circulation and muscle to O2 levels and lungs, our environment has an impact on the body and its functions. Improper setup and neglect of air quality will cause inefficient work. Being mindful of your elements will inversely increase your capacity to fulfill tasks and achieve goals. Preparing your office is like nourishing the body to execute a quality job. The caliber will depend on how much care you put into space you decide to work in. Though the ultimate success comes when, after years of office life, your body does not fail you, there is also satisfaction in seeing the immediate progression of your prowess. It will reveal the true value of your abilities. Sure, you can work anywhere to produce mediocre work and face health issues. But elevating the agents of your surroundings transcends the bar and adds longevity to your well-being.

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