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Bohemian Style Living Room

Bohemian Style Living Room

The Bohemian style has been a trailblazing trend in interior home decorating. With the comfort that warm wood brings into a space, it's not hard to see why such decor would be welcome in the house. Combining mixed wood tones with colorful accents is quite a spectacle. The playful expression is liberating and welcoming to any and all. If you're looking to create a freeing atmosphere with natural ambiance in your living room the bohemian style is the design to follow. Its use of multi-color elements makes mixing different furniture pieces simple, allowing for little effort on your part.

Valdera Transitional Slatted Brown Cherry Coffee Table

Start the foundation by setting a carpet with tasseled ends. Look for any one of these patterns: 

  • Ikat
  • Paisley
  • Ogee
  • Quatrefoil
  • Moroccan
  • Aboriginal

Center the Valdera Transitional Slatted Brown Cherry Coffee Table on top. Partner this table with Valdera Transitional Slatted Brown Cherry End Tables for a complete look. The rustic wood grain detail and the faded rainbow slatted bottom shelves are the perfect merging for Boho style. The distressed wood evokes a natural simplicity while the muted colors express subtle creativity seen in the eccentric art of Bohemian style home decor. A plank-style design humbles the space for a more down-to-earth feel.

Amias Natural Toned Sofa Table

You can carry over this slatted look with the Della Classic Louver Style Shoe Cabinet if your entrance hall leads directly into the living room. The classic oak storage is something you might see in your room at a resort, so its role in your home will definitely send off a travelers comfort. Similarly, the Amias Natural Toned Sofa Table uses its bowed legs to uphold an exotic allure. The plank-style tabletop and bottom shelf give us plenty of bold Bohemian. Here you can surround family and friend photos with colorful succulents: 

  • Tillansia Ionantha ‘Air Plant’
  • Orange Crassula Rogersii
  • Sedum Adolphii
  • Aloe
  • Rare Blue Spring Grass
  • Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

Harmony Transitional 70-inch Distressed Walnut TV Stand

These mellow colors pop out against the natural tones of other Boho style decor items. These other items such as wicker, macrame, and string lights give a space a sense of peace and relaxation that the Bohemian style aims to achieve. Our Harmony Transitional 70-inch Distressed Walnut TV Stand does just this. A bamboo webbing accents the rustic piece for a calming touch that mixes well with a handmade macrame wall decoration and any other rattan wicker items. The Lockett Vintage Walnut Accent Chest completes the look with its mixture of wood drawer fronts and a collection of various drawer pulls. 

Lockett Vintage Walnut Accent Chest

Mixing different finishes gives the space an eclectic look that is most desirable in Bohemian style interiors. This approach imparts the appearance of a traveled resident. With touches of color sporadically placed in unexpected corners, the room comes to life. It's the serendipitous ambiance that you're after when developing a Bohemian atmosphere. Allow yourself to see potential in what others might deem too far fetched for the comfort of the eye. Broaden your scope and find a world of possibilities in your own home. All it takes is the willingness to be set free from conforming ideas.

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