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National Napping Day

National Napping Day


In some countries, entire towns will shut down for a couple of hours after lunch to digest meals and relax. This is a past-time for Italians, as far back as the Ancient Romans. These cultures go as far as sending students home to eat lunch and rest before returning to evening classes. However, according to the CDC, one-third of Americans are not getting sufficient rest. As children, we were encouraged to nap. Caregivers and parents were given a break from our wild chaos, but we also got the energy and strength needed for healthy growth. Ironically, in adulthood, we are overcome with nostalgia for the days when we were awarded for such leisure. 

The saying, “Time is Money” couldn’t be truer. Sleep deprivation costs the U.S. economy $411 billion a year. Each employer loses about $2,280 annually for every employee lacking sleep. How so? There are costs we don’t even realize are indirectly related to sleep deprivation. 

  • With half of the employees relying on a caffeine fix, some companies provide coffee in the office
  • Nearly 29 percent of operating expenses is spent on utilities after hours for employees trying to compensate for their inefficient workdays
  • Statistically, 274,000 insomnia-related accidents will occur annually in the U.S., costing $31.1 billion

Napping can change the game. Just 20 minutes of sleep can increase awareness and alertness. This boost in energy will lead to a more productive day with higher quality work. Reports from a NASA study revealed that military pilots and astronauts with 40 minutes of rest increased alertness 100 percent which improved their performance by 34%. For this reason, NASA provides sleeping pods for their employees. When you are at rest, your blood pressure decreases and your heart-rate is regulated. This cardiovascular recovery is ideal after experiencing mental stressors. Hence, a nap at work could benefit more than pushing through fatigue.


Companies Incorporating Naps in the Workplace

  • Google makes energy pods accessible to employees
  • Huffington Post made napping rooms available after HuffPost founder, Arianna Huffington fainted from exhaustion
  • Uber encourages employees to take naps in designated spaces
  • Facebook’s main office also has designated nap pods

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Types of Naps

It’s important to know your nap type because incorrect or poorly timed naps can ruin your sleep schedule and lead to insomnia. The best way to find the nap that’s right for you is to test nap styles off the clock at home. Here’s a breakdown of nap lengths:




Resets your mind and gives a boost of energy

60-75 min

Long enough to enter REM and wake in the middle of a dream; ideal for boosting creativity, motivation, or inspiration. 

90 min

Completes an entire sleep cycle; you’ll hit deep sleep and feel restored when you wake at the lightest end of the cycle.

Other five specialized nap styles:

Nap Style


Power nap

A 20-30min nap between 1-3 PM can get you through the rest of the workday 

Coffee nap

Drink one cup of coffee in one sitting and immediately nap for 20min. 

In the time you have slept the caffeine will enter your bloodstream. 

When you wake the caffeine will kick in and you’ll feel well-rested. 

New Mom

Avoid “taking advantage” of the time when your baby is down. 

Instead, rest along with your child so you are better equipped to take on the midnight hunger cries. 


Athletes can benefit from napping before a sporting event. 

It clears the mind and boosts energy. 

If the event is less than two hours away and your feeling sleepy, take a 15-20min nap. If it’s over three hours away take a 60-90min nap.


We suggest an energy-saving pregame nap.

Plan a 90min snooze before going out for a late night.

Economists found that people who get enough sleep could increase their earning potential by up to 4.5 percent. Sleep is a win-win for employers and employees. Start making money moves today! Bring a pillow from home to lay your head down more comfortably at your desk. For more discrete sleep put a sleep-mask on and use a travel-sized neck-pillow in your car. Alternately, take a nap in the breakroom at the time when it’s least likely to be used. Whatever you do, try to get some rest. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of you.   

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