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To Our Thanksgiving Host or Hostess

To Our Thanksgiving Host or Hostess

Thanksgiving host or hostess

Whether it’s your 50th or 1st time as the Thanksgiving host or hostess, you are sure to find inspiration for an exquisite turkey feast. The chaos of synchronizing dinner can be a little overwhelming, especially when your home is about to cater to generations. Or perhaps you are entertaining the friends-giving this year. Show your close friends and family how much you care about their presence. Make it simpler with these convenient home accessories. 

Anton Contemporary Mobile Kitchen Bar Cart

The rich cappuccino finish and the sleek metal drawer pulls make this mobile bar cart a universal addition to any Thanksgiving dinner. Place a tray of all your serving utensils and extra napkins in the two drawers. Fill the wine glass inserts and transfer up to twelve wine bottles onto the three wine storage shelves. 

Don’t forget the cranberry sauce! Slip that bowl on the top shelf, above the dessert plates. The counter-top surface will be home to a basket of warm butter biscuits you just pulled out of the oven. Roll the aroma into the dining room, and use the handle as a towel rack. Lock the wheels until the pies are ready to make their entrance.

Petula Espresso Leatherette Storage Ottoman

The espresso, bi-cast leather, ottoman is built with a wood frame for durability. It’s low-profiled wood stubbed leggings, button tufting, and pipe-patterned stitching gives it a comfortable and welcoming design. But this upholstery has multiple functions. 

In addition to the extra seating it could provide for your friends-giving, it also doubles as storage. Four drawers give ample room for all your friends-giving festivities. Store fun board and card games for a night of competition. Use it as a table for any selection of games. And keep some extra blankets  in the other drawers for your friends under food comas. A thoughtful Thanksgiving host or hostess ensures comfort for all.

Hanson Space Saver White Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Don’t be the host that doesn’t cover every detail this Thanksgiving season. The over the toilet storage cabinet will make all bathroom essentials easily available for guests. The white finish leaves a clean contemporary look for your powder room. 

Hide your over the counter heartburn and pain medicine in the one slatted panel cabinet. You can also store extra hand towels in here. The one large shelf will hold toilet paper for replenishing and emergency female hygiene products. In the three side panel shelves neatly organize a candle, spray, lotion and perfume (harvest, pumpkin, or autumn wood scented). Ornament the top shelf with an autumn colored tissue box and artificial fall foliage.

Turn the leaves with these space and time saving home fittings. Let them fall in every room of your home. Make it feel as though the season has been harvested right inside. Family and friends will experience the warmth and comfort in every detailed adornment. They will gather comfortably in the space you, the Thanksgiving host or hostess, have transformed.

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