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Surviving Black Friday

Surviving Black Friday

It’s that time of the year where malls and major brand stores layout the price slashed sales carpet for their customers. These types of establishments will try their darest to take your hard-earned dollars with promises of huge price cuts that won’t be found anywhere else. Customers will be setting up their camping gear like a modern-day version of Oregan Trail in front of electronic or consumer stores for those “insane” deals. One would be expected to see large crowds waiting on bated breath for the pearly white gates of consumerism to open up and to let the madness begin.

That’s why the folks over here at 24/7 Shop At Home thought it was a good idea to have a little fun at the absurdity of Black Friday and the lengths people will go to grab those low-prices. We’ve compiled a few suggestions on how to survive and come up on top of this year’s day of “door-busting” sales.


Think “Comfortable”

Warmth is key when waiting for store doors to open and to bestow upon their customer great deals, but you should consider the right footwear and flexibility. At this time of the year, the temperature is looking to be in the low 60s with snow in some areas of the country. It would be a good idea to dust off those comfortable all-terrain hiking boots or some type of shoes with plenty of sole and traction. The last thing anyone would want to do is slip on the vinyl floor of a store that has become the victim of some spilled water or juice from an inconsiderate party. Also, when it comes to what to wear, you should think about putting on clothes that wouldn’t be considered too tight or constricting. You’re going need it to maneuver through those tight crowded aisles.


Research is key

This is when it’s time to map your plan out like an overzealous conspiracy theorist. Hop online or grab a sales paper before Black Friday to see exactly what each store will be able to fulfill your shopping needs. Your inner Sherlock Holmes should be brought to the forefront when scoping out message boards and social media sites to see if your chosen items will be in high demand. Keep in mind that you are not the only one pining for the latest coffee maker, 1000TC luxury performance sheet set, or your kids’ yet-to-be purchased-favorite toy. Make a top ten list of the items you’re hoping to grab but remember to not raise your expectations too high. It might be a serious battle to get what you want and there will be many losing battles on Black Friday.


Tag Team

Bring a partner with you on this incursion onto the commercialism battlefield--the higher the number the better. This method will open many advantages. Your allies will be able to cover more ground wherever the sales take you. Another asset that will be gained from your ragtag team of Black Friday survivalist is the “wait-in-line” skill. Lines during this time of the year are on a theme-park-ride level and can have a wait-time of 1-2 hours. Instead of watching the clock tick away or missing on other chances to grab some items off of your list, one will have to make the sacrifice and become the place holder in the customer line of infinite souls. Drawing straws may be needed or a “volunteer as a tribute” will step forward. Just offer them some hot coca to sweeten the pot.


Leave the Little One Behind

Taking the little ones with you to run errands is normal in a parent’s life. There are ways around this through means that are obvious and don’t need to be explained. However, Black Friday is probably the best time to find a use for some of those means. The large and almost suffocating level of crowds during this day will only be amplified when your little one is constantly moaning and groaning out of boredom during your outing. Picture “I have to go to the bathroom” or “I’m tired” or “How much longer are we gonna be take” running on repeat throughout the night. Let’s be honest, the kids might have a better time sleeping in or staying with a friend or family and you’ll have a better focus on the task at hand during your adventure.

Proteins Equal Advantage

Treat Black Friday like you’re about to try out for the runningback spot on a major NFL team. Those guys don’t sit around all day thinking their goal will come to them without the right food to keep them going. They plan on what to digest to energize and rehydrate. Take some time in your prep process to make a few snacks that will help keep your energy up. Protein-rich snack items like trail mix, beef jerky, and granola bars along with water will help keep you going. Otherwise, you might have to stand in another neverending line in a fast food joint to grab a bite to eat. 

Just. Stay. Home.

Here’s a glaring observation that has become more accustomed to our digital age. Cyber Mondays were invented to compete with the “door-busting” deals that attract the massive crowds waiting for the doors to open on Black Friday. Don’t be part of that. Those “great” deals shown on the sales paper will more than likely pop up online and maybe even at a cheaper price. Also, the idea of relaxing the day after enjoying a large meal with your family and loved ones while sipping on your favorite hot drink is a much more appealing one. No one wants to use their day dive-bombing onto a stack of flat-screen TVs for sale.

The choice is really up to you whether your time is better spent out on Black Friday or continuing to appreciate your four day weekend. We’ll have some great sales for you to check out if the stay-at-home option will be your choice. 24/7 Shop At Home will even have your back during Cyber Monday and for our 7 Days of Deals. If you choose to still make the trek out to the vast land of price slashed sales, tight and awkward fitted crowds, or your toes being stepped on, just be prepared. 


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