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Unique Christmas Traditions From Reddit User

Unique Christmas Traditions From Reddit User

It’s that time of the year when sleigh bells jingling, ring tingle tingling all throughout the holiday season. This time of the year is when family and loved ones get together to celebrate a joyous occasion where gifts will be exchanged, a feast of delicious delights will be made, and Christmas traditions will continue. Every family has its own set of unique traditions that some find odd or at least very new to discover. 

That’s why 24/7 Shop At Home has decided to take a deep dive into the world of Reddit to find some of the strangest, but unique, traditions that have been a part of many lives.



It’s been well known that Santa Claus’s choice of transportation is a sleigh powered by reindeers. During Jolly Old St. Nick’s journey,  he’s given a plethora of snacks and treats to show “thanks” for his travels. However, Reddit user MohaveMoProblems’s family doesn’t forget the hard work of all of the reindeers who carry all those gifts across the world.


We go outside on Christmas Eve and toss reindeer food* out on our front lawn.

Santa gets a treat when visiting the house, so why not Rudolph too? My siblings and I do this at our parents' house every year and it's my favorite thing to do.

*The reindeer food is either crushed Frosted Flakes or some variation on an oatmeal mix.


When one thinks of a Christmas, the next thought to surely follow is “ornaments”. This delightful festival decoration can have all manners of brightness, color, picture design, or cleverness. In some cases, people make their own ornament with the use of symbolic or meaningful creative small projects from their loved ones. A user by the name of SirMontego shares what they do when it comes to making their ornaments. 


After opening our presents, we take the ribbons from those presents and tie them as bows around the branches of our artificial Christmas tree. At the end of the Christmas season, we dismantle the tree with the bows still attached. When we put the tree up the next year, we have an instantly decorated tree. Our fake tree is approaching ten years of use, so it is really bowed up.


There are countless ways for parents to keep the excitement of Santa Claus’s arrival during the holiday. Despite the crazy season, the one thing that makes it all worth wild is the smiles on their children on Christmas day. Reddit user, redditor_2782733, shares a story about how their present-day might differ from others. 

redditor_2782733 -

My mom wouldn’t make us go to sleep when Santa came she’ll just say “stay in there and pretend to be asleep I’ll tell you when he’s gone” and after all the parents finished putting their gifts at the bottom of the Christmas tree, my mom would say “he’s gone” and we’d stay up until like 6 am pretty cool. I didn’t know some kids would actually go to sleep until like 7th grade like I legit thought everyone’s parents just did that.


Lastly, Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition that dates back to 2005. Though the idea of keeping a little scout for Santa to make sure kids are behaving is fairly new, it has become a strong fixture in celebrating the holiday. If you look online for creative ways to display this doll, you would come across some very imaginative and comical setups. The practice has become so common in today’s culture that one town has gone as far as to get in on the fun. 

A Redditor has a very short tell but sweet tell on their elf on the shelf discovery.


In my town, the town hall sets up a life-size elf on the shelf elf and move it around town.

When I first found out about it, it was sitting on a park bench as my mom and I were driving back into town, and we were both like 'wait hold up!'

What are some of your strange and unique Christmas traditions?


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