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National Thank A Mail Carrier Day

National Thank A Mail Carrier Day

Thank A Mail Carrier

With a new year comes reflection. Although many want to forget the catastrophe that occurred in 2020, it's good to take note of your appreciation for the small things we saw. As we hunkered down at home, we relied heavily on virtual calls and delivery services. February 4th is National Thank A Mail Carrier Day, and it's due time to show our couriers that they play a huge role in helping our lives continue to move forward. They were pressed with high demands as a result of the COVID pandemic, and it only seems right to give gratitude to them.

This is the perfect opportunity to share long-lasting-life-lessons for children. In a constantly advancing world technology has changed the way kids are growing up. Privileges are not so easily acknowledged by these new generations. So, get your child involved by encouraging them to create a gift (draw a picture or write a letter) for the household's mail carrier. It may be helpful to share some fun facts about the history of couriers:

  1. Some post riders who rode horseback during the American Revolution served as agents to alert the colonies when British troops were on the move.
  2. At 24 years old Abraham Lincoln served as postmaster for the United States Post Office.
  3. Walt Disney worked as a substitute mailman before his career in animation.

If you don't have kids, you can still thank a mail carrier. Leave a thoughtful gift in the mailbox or outside your front door for your courier to find. Bake a batch of cookies; maybe create a selection so your mail carrier can choose chocolate chip or sugar cookies (try to avoid nuts, as it's a common allergen). If that's outside your ability, you can simply put out some yummy store-bought snacks. Remember to leave a kind note so they know you left a special gift just for them!

Depending on your comfort, you may want to offer a warm drink to your courier since it's the winter season. It will be helpful to know the estimated time when your mail carrier usually stops by so you can be ready with a to-go-cup of coffee or hot chocolate in hand. Or perhaps you can simply leave a coffee shop gift card with a note of warm wishes. This may be easier for both of you. You won't have to worry about missing their arrival and they could choose when they want to grab a coffee in between deliveries.

One small act of kindness is all it takes to spark someone's day. In this new year, we will continue to appreciate one another in order to restore humanity in our world. We hope these tiny tokens on how to thank a mail carrier inspire smiles throughout the neighborhood. Share how you showed your gratitude on your social media so your community is encouraged to stay connected with one another. Like your next-door-neighbor, the courier is a part of your residential life. Let's be more mindful of how we treat the folks that live among us.

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Natalie Romero - January 20, 2021

Thank you for the fun facts!! I appreciate our mail carriers. I made a couple of care packages for mine (gloves , Lysol wipes , masks) I randomly leave snacks for her and she always gets a gift for the holidays. I will have the boys make her a card on Feb 4th. Richards step dad is retiring as a mail carrier and we are super proud of him.

Flor - January 19, 2021

I really enjoyed this reminder about the upcoming Mail carrier Appreciation Day and the interesting facts about past mail carriers. I especially liked the suggestions of how we can thank them. I marked my calendar so that I can thank my mail carrier.

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