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Perfect Selfie Locations for Museum Selfie Day

Perfect Selfie Locations for Museum Selfie Day

If you're an active user of social media, you've likely seen several people posting selfie pics in some matter of coolness. The range and variety of styles that go along with these selfies are all over the place, however, did you know that there is one particular day when this social media trend is celebrated. Furthermore, there are locations perfectly catered to the art of “selfies”. That’s right, there is an actual Museum Selfie Day. Started by London blogger Mar Dixon, the Museum Selfie Day trend has gone worldwide and spawned a plethora of creative posts on social media ever since. Unlike a traditional museum where visitors aren’t allowed to touch the exhibits or encouraged to take photos, newer pop-up museums are designed to be highly photogenic and interactive.

Now before grabbing your cell phone or whatever type of camera of your choosing, here are some things to take note before making your journey on this special really.

Whether you’re posing with your favorite dinosaur skeleton or Photoshopping yourself into a famous painting—whether you're making light of a serious topic or making serious with a light one—there are only a few museums in the world where taking a selfie really is inappropriate. We really like the “selfies” where people pretend that an exhibit of, say, William Shakespeare, took the picture themselves. Smartphone cameras are able to function in the most challenging photographic circumstances. Areas where it might once have been too dark to take a selfie, or too difficult to carry a camera, are opened as possible areas to explore. As technology improves, and don’t forget video selfies, slow-motion selfies, and all the other kinds of filtered selfies available. We can all do something new and unique with our valuable cultural history.

With that, here are some great places to make the most fun out of travel on Museum Selfie Day.


The Color Factory

The Color Factory is “an interactive exhibit that celebrates the discovery, serendipity, and generosity of color” and has so far been brought to life in San Francisco and now has a home in New York and Houston. The current Color Factory locations have a set of installations from different artists but they both share the same goal: to celebrate color and creativity in ways that “invite curiosity, discovery, and play.”


The Museum of Selfies

Located in Southern California, this museum explores the 40,000 year-old history (the first known “selfies” date from about 40,000 years ago and are hand stencils that were discovered on a cave wall in Indonesia) and cultural impact of “selfies.” It was intended to be a short-lived pop-up, but it’s now open in Hollywood at some point. Tickets are at a cheap price and the VIP option allows you to skip the line at the entrance, enjoy the exhibition with professional guide-photographer and FREE selfie-stick rental, and get a special gift at the end your experience!



The ARTECHOUSE mission is “to inspire, educate, and empower the creation of new, experiential and exploratory art form, ARTECHOUSE connects the audience to the arts, and stimulates interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science, and creativity.” Light, sound, and color combine to create this experimental installation. The museum is dedicated to presenting experiential and technology-driven works by artists who are forerunners of the new age in the arts and technology. The ARTECHOUSE is in Miami, Florida, Washington, DC and New York.


The Museum of Illusion

If you’re still in Southern California after taking a trip to the Museum of Selfies, there’s another stop you can make in Los Angele at the Museum of Illusion. The museum takes the art of selfies to a whole new level but making perspective landscapes that will put you in the middle of the action and screams comical participation. Not only that but this location also has an Upside Down House exhibit. Judging from the title, you can take a wild guess on what kind of pictures you’ll be taking once your there.



Located in Chicago, Illinois the wndr museum “is an ever-evolving immersive art and technology experience that is designed to ignite the curiosity that exists within and around each of us.” The layout is impressive with its cultural and artistic use of light, sounds, mirrors, and technology. The museum is home to Chicago’s first Infinity Mirror Room, done by iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, and also holds the works of Barabara Kruger, Alex Israel, and a few others. Almost every corner comes a chance to be original, find something unexpected, ask questions, and engage.

These are just a few places to take some awesome selfies on Museum Selfie Day. Just remember to be respectful of your surroundings.

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