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7 Things That You’ll Love About Autumn

7 Things That You’ll Love About Autumn

The days of summer have come to an end and that means that the fall season is right around the corner with a few anticipated events. A celebration of joy and thankfulness, kids out during the night with bags of candy to go along with their smiles, festive dinners and spending more time with family and friends. These are some of the factors one would expect with  Autumn, like watching beautiful amber leaves dance in the wind of a deep blue sky. Everyone treats this time of year in many different ways but we would like to share some of the amazing things that make this season truly special. 


Football is guaranteed this time of year just as much as the season itself. As one of America’s favorite pastimes, football is the biggest form of entertainment out there. Whether you’re attending a live game, watching it from the comfort of your home, or throwing the old pigskin around. Beginning of September and lasting for 17-weeks, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the collective nature of the game with friends and loved ones.


The time to give “thanks” and to truly appreciate what life has to offer. On this significant day, family members trek across great distances to see one another and celebrate the many grateful gifts given to them throughout the year. Let’s not forget the delicious food that comes along with this special celebration. And don’t forget, there’s always plenty of leftovers to go around.


As the year reaches closer to the end, many stores--off and online-- are vying for your hard-earned dollar. Black Friday is guaranteed to have some great deals and Cyber Monday follows suit. Even here at 24/7 Shop At Home will have your back when it comes to great prices on quality furniture. Just remember to stay tuned to what we have in store for you from our Fall Collection.


Halloween is the time for the neighborhood to come together as a community for one common goal: having fun. Children love to show off their favorite heroes or monsters and are rewarded with their favorite candy treats. The parents get to witness pure authentic joy from the well as grabbing 1 or 2 sugary delights from their stash.  It’s the special night with a bit of freight that won’t do any harm because it’s all done in the name of fun.


Not every day of the fall season will have clear or slightly cloudy skies. There will be many times throughout the months that you’ll find yourself staying home to avoid the rain. As the weather keeps you in, you might curl up with your favorite hot cup of tea, apple cider, or pumpkin spice for the new tv show season. 

This is the time of the year where many studios are bringing back your favorites or presenting something new for you to obsess over. All you have to do is relax and let the boob tube keep you entertained.


It goes without saying that nature around the fall occasion is absolutely captivating and very calming. Not only is it great to see the stunning foliage and the singing of the leaves falling from the trees, but also the crisp smell in the air. Studies and research have shown that smells can ignite the spark of a pleasant memory and the Autumn season is full of memorable ones.


Family is a keynote when it comes to living a healthy life. The idea of “family” is something that’s not relegated to blood relations and many have met members outside of their household only to create a strong bond. Yet, around this time of year, that bond becomes tighter.

It might be the heartfelt celebrations that are accustomed as the year is drawing to a close or it could be something that can’t be quantified by any conventional means. All we can do is create and share the great times to come. 

The scenery and vibe of this year’s Fall will be awe-inspiring as it has been for so many years. Autumn season is a sign of changes around the world and that act can also apply to anyone willing to advance or adjust something in their life. Remember, these are only some of these ideas and examples of what this season is all about. There are many more out there. 

What are your favorite parts of the season?

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