Man Cave Inspiration Perfect for Father's Day

Father's Day has its origins in medieval Europe when the Catholic church dedicated a day to honor paternal relationships. It wasn't until the twentieth century that it took root in the United States. The first celebration was organized by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910. Over five decades later, President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation calling for Father's Day to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. By 1972 President Richard Nixon signed the holiday into law permanently. And today, we still struggle to figure out how best to celebrate fatherhood.

Fathers are among the most difficult relatives to get presents for. Where it's easy to excite mothers with lavish spa days and beauty gifts, it's harder to get a similar reaction out of dads. Deciding what will trigger dad's sentiment is a mysterious feat. Button-ups, ties, and jeans are tired-out gifts and cards don't have the same personalized touch, but perhaps this Father's Day you can put together a gift with meaning.

With all the things dads do for the household, it's no surprise why they enjoy lounging at home for a moment of rest. There's nothing better than comfort after a long week of work. Surprise dad with his own space in the home. Some might call this a Man Cave or Men's Den, but it doesn't have to be an entire room, garage, or clubhouse. You can start small and let it develop into his dream space, or go all out in one go. However you decide to tackle it, here are some ideas.

Man Cave Inspiration

If we're starting with the basics, you'll want dad to have a throne, i.e. recliners! Our Oakley Collection comes in all sizes to seat the king of the house and his buddies. With a luxury, power control recline dad and his buds will feel like they're sitting in the skybox.

Man Cave Inspiration

Partner the TV with a stand to organize all the consoles from the cable box to gaming stations. The Pederson Industrial Multi-Storage TV Stand comes with glass-paneled sliding doors that display sports memorabilia or action figures. It's a subtle brag your dad will love to have as a focal point in his Man Cave.

Man Cave Inspiration

Throw in a distressed walnut Matlock Industrial Multi-Storage Coffee Table to balance the space. This table adds an urban design, featuring sliding doors with mesh inserts. The wheels are particularly useful when space is needed for extended reclines or when one of the men needs closer access to the snacks.

Man Cave Inspiration

Top off the space with a home bar like the Forester Transitional Chalkboard Panel Multi Shelf Bar Table. The walnut-finished plank-style design brings you back to a rustic saloon. Nothing says Men's Den like a wild-west-inspired bar.

Make this Father's Day one to remember by unveiling the Man Cave and serving pops a drink at the bar. Organize all his go-to spirits on the open shelves behind his new home bar and write a playful Father's Day note with a menu on the double chalkboard front panels. Set out his favorite movie night munchies on the coffee table. Hook up the appliances through the wire holes of the TV stand and display his decor in the glass cabinets. Voila! Man Cave complete.

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