Fall Porch Decor Ideas and DIY Tips

Fall Porch Decor

With pumpkin spice in the air, everyone is on that craze for everything fall-flavored. October 31st festivities may be different this year, but that doesn't mean you can't dive into the autumn season with excitement. We've got some creative ways to transform your home into a harvest haven that will uplift your family. These fall porch decor ideas will overflow with warmth as you work with your little loved ones to create a pumpkin-patch replica on your property.

Let's begin with the basic color scheme; orange and yellows are an obvious choice. But you also want to accent these bright colors with some neutral tones as fall is a calm and subtle season. Balance the warm hues with brown, black, white, and greyish-green. Repainting your front door black will create an excellent backdrop against an autumn wreath. Set up an assortment of plaid pillows and a throw blanket on a black outdoor bench so you can sit out on the porch and watch while children parade the streets on the 31st. Arrange a mixture of pumpkins leading up to your door. If you have stairs, let the heirloom gourds cascade down the steps. Position Orange, White, and Jarrahdale pumpkins as if they are tumbling over one another. (Pro-tip: Wash your pumpkins with a mixture of bleach and water to keep them from rotting. Bacteria thriving in the dirt that settles on vegetables is the catalyst for rot, so cleaning your pumpkins before displaying them will help preserve the gourds. You can also spray them daily with the cleaning mixture.) To enhance the farmhouse-inspired pumpkin garden, compliment the gourds with orange and white Mums.

Fall Porch Decor

For those who may not have a porch with steps, you can still create a stacked look with crates, wood baskets, and vintage grape pressing vats. This fall porch decor is more of a rustic country charm as it invites warm brown tones to the mix. Fill these vessels with pumpkins and other vegetable marrows to showcase an overflowed harvest. You can throw in an antique spinning-wheel with cotton stems. Or an old wheelbarrow and a rustic pitchfork. Burlap will accent the crates. What's more, dried cornstalks are perfect for decorating posts. The tall botany emphasizes overgrowth, which is the theme you want for a harvest porch.

Similarly, homemade fall trees will bring attention to your black door. Not to mention it's a fun art project for children. Wrap fall leave garland around an upside-down tomato cage and top with berry picks. Another great homemade craft is a wooden broom. This little decor item is cheap and fun to make, even for fathers. Just rally your kiddos to go on a scavenger hunt for a long branch and twigs. Wrap the twigs around the branch's end with jute twine and you got yourself a wood broom. Dads and granddads might have a part in this autumn bedecking after all. This is the season that classic 1940s pickup rusting on your property will be put to some use! Stack up some bales of hay next to that beaut and recreate harvest season with pumpkins and other heirloom gourds.

Fall Porch Decor

Now, if you are planning on sitting out on the porch while children walk the neighborhood on October 31st, you'll want to be sure it is well lit. If pop is craving more projects, he may be convinced to install a black metal iron hanging lamp lantern or old fashion porch light. Nonetheless, string lights snaking the steps will enhance your pumpkin display or homemade fall trees. A handheld candle or oil lantern serves just as well anywhere.

We hope these fall porch decor ideas help this autumn feel a little more gratifying. Harvest season is a time to appreciate what we have, and this year it's more important than ever. Gather your family together to build memories as you design a festive home.

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