2020 Christmas Home Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Though this winter season is seeing fewer gatherings, you can still keep the holiday spirit alive with a warm home. Brace for the brisk weather by making sure your house is ready to go. Deck the fireplace and enjoy cozying up with loved ones. 'Tis the time to replace extravagant parties with intimate family bonding. Let's take it back to the good old days when we spent time together playing games and creating lasting memories. Capture the 2020 Christmas with a home photoshoot! Go all out this season and let the holiday blizzard sweep through every room in the house.

Ridgewood Dark Oak Finish Rocking Accent Chair

The fireplace is the heart of the home during this season. Keep in mind that to create a winter wonderland, white is the key color. But, complimenting this base tone with warm reds invites a tenderness to your living space. For this reason, the German smear brick fireplace is gaining popularity in homes. Adorn the fireplace mantel with evergreen garland to bring some life into the room. Flank the sides with red and white candles on tall candle holders. Complete the comfy look with the Ridgewood Dark Oak Finish Rocking Accent Chair.

Reynolds Classic Country Style Storage Bench

Despite a change in the world's atmosphere, the holiday won't lose its splendor. Whether you've had a tradition of taking family pictures for Christmas postcards, or not, now is a great time to do so. Set up an adorable Christmas photoshoot with the Reynolds Classic Country Style Storage Bench. Place the bench next to the Christmas tree and add some red plaid throw pillows and blankets to the mix. Have fun with the poses. Parents can stand behind the bench watching over one child with feet up on the wood seat, allowing for the storage boxes, filled with Christmas goodies, to pop out onto the floor where another child is lounging under the Christmas tree.

Blue Camilla Traditional 2-Drawer Youth Nightstand

The holiday is a whimsical delight, and as such, wintertime wonder should snow down on every inch of the home. Most spend their attention decking the living room and entrance, but other areas can use a festive touch. The kitchen, for example, is curiously overlooked. Aside from the family room, this is the most used space during the holidays. Spice up the counters with a miniature Christmas tree. You can also place a tabletop tree on a bathroom counter. Likewise, a tree atop the Blue Camilla Traditional 2-Drawer Youth Nightstand would give your children the perfect seasonal nightlight and Christmas morning welcome!

Experience a special Christmas this year, undisturbed by the typical holiday madness. Winterize the house in miraculous decor and curl up with a warm drink! Connecting with the ones in your household is a simple pleasure that shouldn't be lost in what the world deems as the holiday season. As we seek comfort in the closing month of this year, let's be reminded of the intangible thing that can never be taken from our hearts; love. A gift worth more than anything wrapped in a bow.

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